Drivers issued insurance warning: ‘Must declare’ these items

An automotive personality has taken to TikTok to share some popular car accessories and modifications that drivers should always declare to their insurance company.

George is a petrolhead who runs the TikTok page @georgescarmedia, and regularly posts videos to advise viewers on all kinds of motoring subjects.

In a popular video, George discusses the kind of modifications that insurers must be aware of, stating that drivers must declare any changes to the colour of their vehicle.

He explained: “What modifications do I need to declare to my insurance on my modified car? Now, using our Mk3 Ford Focus RS Police Car, I’m going to make this topic a little easier to understand.

“Of course, when this car came out of the factory, as you can see, it was light blue. But, because we have now wrapped it black with yellow and blue stripes, this is a really good topic to talk about. We told the DVLA that the car is black because it predominantly is, but we’ve had to tell the insurance company that it’s a black car with yellow and blue stripes.”

Whether the vehicle has been resprayed or wrapped, a process where a special film is applied to the bodywork, owners must tell both the DVLA and their car insurer that the colour is now different to when the car came out of the factory.

Whilst particular shades do not have an impact on the overall price of cover, insurers will typically charge more for drivers who change the colour of their vehicle.

Similarly, drivers should also make their insurance company aware of smaller changes to the exterior, including large stickers and decals on the bodywork.

Later in the video, George recommended that motorists who put new wheels on their vehicles also let their insurer know, particularly if they are sporty alloys.

He added: “Now if we use the wheels as an example because these Revo wheels did not come with the [Ford Focus] RS as standard, we’ve had to tell the insurance company that we’ve now got new wheels.

“Again, with the brake kit from MJ Performance, it’s not a standard modification and we’ve told the insurance company that.”

Finally, whilst insurers are already aware of sporty features, such as spoilers, that were factory-fitted, drivers must also declare any aftermarket accessories that improve the look or performance of their car.

He continued: “With the RS spoiler because this actually came out of the factory with this, it’s something that we didn’t have to declare. But, if you come to the front of the car, the front splitter was not on the car from the factory. So, we’ve had to tell the insurance company about it.

“And it’s the same again with the Zunsport, the same again with the Revo intercooler and the same again with the custom number plate. Although it is a little bit unique to other modifications, these [private plates] are a really good example of another way to identify your car, and but drivers need to tell their insurance company about it.”