Secure, Organized, In-Vehicle Gear Storage

Yakima already has gear hauling on the outside of your vehicle figured out. So, it has now moved inside your vehicle with its new MOD system. This modular in-vehicle storage system of drawers and accessories is designed with car campers and overland enthusiasts in mind.

The idea behind the line is to keep your gear organized, easily accessible, and secure while you’re on the move. Whether that gear hauling is for groceries, tools, camping, or outdoor adventures, this new Yakima MOD system looks like a good solution.

2024 Yakima MOD Product Line

  • MOD HomeBase (MD $999, LG $1,199, XL $1,399)
  • MOD Topper Drawers (MD $699, LG $849, XL $999)
  • MOD Totes: GearCrate (MD $169, LG/XL $199), GearTote (MD $79, LG/XL $99), MicroTotes ($79)
  • MOD Accessories: WorkSpace (MD/LG $129, XL $179), Fridge Sliding Mounting Kit ($99), Stretch Net ($59), Fit Kit 1 ($29), Riser Kit ($99)

Yakima MOD HomeBase

Yakima MOD
The single wide bottom drawer shown open here is the MOD HomeBase; (photo/Yakima)

This new vehicle storage system starts with the MOD HomeBase, with everything else building atop that. The Yakima MOD HomeBase is a low-profile single drawer with small feet on the bottom and attachment points to secure it to the cargo security points in the back of your vehicle.

The HomeBase is made of powder-coated sheet metal and has a smooth bamboo top. It has an internal multi-position bamboo divider and built-in attachment points to add drawers atop it. It is also lockable with Yakima SKS Lock cores (sold separately).

The drawer has a 100-pound capacity. The HomeBase can support up to 250 pounds on top of it.

Three sizes — MD (36 x 24 x 7 inches), LG (36 x 37 x 7 inches), and XL (45 x 37 x 7 inches) — will be on offer at product launch, to fit perfectly in your specific vehicle application.

Yakima MODYakima MOD

You can also stack MOD HomeBase units atop each other if you want more storage in this thin and wide drawer form factor.

Yakima MOD Topper

Yakima MODYakima MOD
The middle row of this stacked Yakima MOD storage system contains the MOD Topper drawer modules; (photo/Yakima)

The MOD Topper is a half-size drawer add-on that cleanly mounts atop the MOD HomeBase unit. MOD Topper units are also made of metal with a bamboo top, are lockable with Yakima SKS Lock cores, and come in three sizes: MD (18 x 24 x 9 inches), LG (18 x 37 x 9 inches), and XL (22.5 x 37 x 9 inches).

These MOD Topper drawers are 2 inches taller than the HomeBase drawer, but offer half the size and half the load rating — 50 pounds.

Crates & Totes

In order to expand the MOD system further, Yakima offers an assortment of crates and totes that fit on and in the MOD drawers. These, of course, can also be used by themselves for quick and easy loading and unloading of gear from your vehicle.

MOD GearCrate

Yakima MODYakima MOD

Up first are the largest options, the GearCrates. These offer a thermoformed lid, front and rear tie-down points, and a removable hook-and-loop internal divider. The Yakima MOD GearCrate is offered in two sizes: MD (20 x 16 x 12 inches) and LG/XL (34 x 16 x 12 inches).

MOD GearTote

Yakima MODYakima MOD

A more basic soft tote is next in the lineup, called the MOD GearTote. This open-top cargo bin has front and rear anchor points, a removable hook-and-loop divider, and folds flat for storage when not in use. The GearTote comes in two sizes: MD (20 x 16 x 10 inches) and LG/XL (34 x 16 x 10 inches).

MOD MicroTotes

Yakima MODYakima MOD

The final gear organizers in the 2024 Yakima MOD lineup are the MicroTotes. These little organizer cubes are specifically designed to fit within the MOD drawers. They come as a set of three large (10.6 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches) and three small (4.3 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches) totes. The MicroTotes also fold flat for easy storage when not being used.

Other MOD Accessories

Besides the main MOD components above, Yakima also offers several other handy accessories to fully dial the MOD storage system in for your particular needs and applications.

Yakima MODYakima MOD

The MOD WorkSpace is a drop-in bamboo table for the HomeBase drawer module. It fits in the top of the drawer, but still allows it to open and close without removing the table. It is also only about half the depth of the drawer, so it can be slid forward and back to use it and still have access to the gear in the drawer. There are two sizes available, the MD/LG that fits in the MD and LG HomeBase and the SL that fits the HomeBase XL.

Yakima MODYakima MOD

Of course, these days we need a 12V cooler on our overland and car-camping adventures, and Yakima has a solution. The MOD Fridge Slide Mounting Kit allows you to mount a Dometic fridge slide atop the LG and XL MOD HomeBase drawer modules.

A MOD Stretch Net is also available, which helps keep things from sliding around atop your MOD storage setup. The MOD Fit Kit 1 replaces the factory hardware in some vehicles to offer more secure tie-down points.

And the last Yakima MOD accessory on offer at launch is the MOD Riser Kit. This kit adds extra height to the MOD HomeBase. Specifically, this allows the drawer to clear hatch openings in some vehicles, and can also offer a bit of storage under the drawers for thin items.

Yakima Tackles In-Car Storage

Yakima has jumped into a very crowded market segment, but one it will no doubt take a piece of. While the MOD system is not inexpensive, it is competitively priced in the marketplace.

The new MOD series of in-vehicle accessories look well thought out and should work for a wide range of users. With over 30 different configurations at launch, you should be able to build out a system that works for your gear-hauling needs.

MOD and all accessories will be available starting in early March directly on Yakima’s website and through authorized dealers.