5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

The Bugatti Tourbillon has us dreaming of an ultra-exclusive, hyper-fast coupé of our own, so this week’s edition of Market Finds is packed with them. From a super rare new millennium prototype to a coachbuilt Italian flying saucer, there’s a two-door jaw-dropper for you below!

Touring the Galaxy 

Is there a better pairing in the automotive world than Touring Superleggera and Alfa Romeo? Remembering the mythical Disco Volante from the 1950s, we think not. Reimagining the iconic flying saucer, Touring created this breathtakingly beautiful limited edition UFO. This is the last of only seven examples of the Disco Volante Spyder ever built, each of which took Touring’s master craftsmen six painstaking months to complete. It was all worth it, though, because in 2016 it won the prestigious Design Award at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. 

Delivered in 2010 to its sole previous custodian, this Disco Volante has been savoured over a mere 6,350 km. Finished in a very sexy red, appropriately-named Rosso Seducente, this Alfa has been regularly maintained by Maserati and is accompanied by a book documenting its construction. Still presenting in practically new condition, this is your chance to savour one of the best 8-cylinder exhaust notes ever. 




A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing 

With production spanning an impressive 16 years and a slew of variants, there’s a Lamborghini Countach to suit anyone’s tastes. Fans of Gandini’s original vision for the car have the pure LP 400, but if you’re a 1990s kid at heart with a penchant for a muscular bodykit, the Countach 25th Anniversary will be right up your alley. Famed Slovenian-Canadian businessman Walter Wolf certainly wasn’t a child of the 1990s, but he did help Lamborghini through a particularly tricky financial pickle, and so they offered him this glorious 1990 Countach 25th Anniversary by way of thanks. 

Adorned with numerous decals for Walter Wolf’s Formula One team — which secured three race-wins — this red over tan Countach proudly wears its history on its fenders and looks all the better for it. Showing just 8,000 km since new, this Lambo has been carefully maintained and is waiting to stretch its V12 with its next custodian. 




Specced to the Nines

Any W16-powered Bugatti is a supremely impressive machine, but in the case of this insane 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, that simply wasn’t enough. You see, this car’s previous owner was no stranger to a Bug or two (and no he wasn’t an entomologist). As the original customer of the unique “Bugatti Centenaire” and the only person to purchase all six versions of the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse from the “Legends” Series, he wanted his latest Bugatti to stand in a class of its own. 

He specified this car with a full polished-aluminium exterior and an exposed carbon fibre rear deck. That isn’t as simple as it sounds, and Bugatti’s engineers had to design a custom CAD program to mill all the parts from over 20 tonnes of aluminium blocks. Bugatti realised the production costs would be astronomically high, and tried to persuade the customer, but he threatened to cancel all his standing and future Bugatti orders should they not fulfil his wishes. 

In the end, the customer got what he wanted, and the cost of the options alone on this car exceeded the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse’s original price. Today it remains the most extreme and time-consuming Veyron ever built, and currently shows just 750 km. If you’ve got a healthy enough bank balance, those are quite the bragging rights. 




Italian TVR 

It seems like just yesterday we were ogling in wonder at the TVR-inspired Qvale Mangusta, and now we’ve found this ultra-rare prototype for the never-released Coupé variant, finished in green over tan, no less! The Mangusta was already an extremely rare sight on the roads, with only 270 ever made, and this prototype takes it a step further. Initially showed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2000, this example was later repainted silver and used as a test-car for a more powerful engine, covering over 10,000km in this role. 

This Mangusta Coupé prototype ditched the complex “Roto-top” for a more conventional targa configuration and features many hand crafted parts. Owned since 2002 by the current owner, who restored the car to its original Geneva Motor Show specification, this Mangusta Coupé is the perfect car for those who value obscurity and rarity over all else!




Uno di Uno 

As the ultra-hot version of the final Pininfarina-designed Ferrari Berlinetta, the F12 TDF was already a hot commodity in the collector car scene, so this one-of-one Matte Verde Masoni example from 2017 should have prancing horse connoisseurs practically frothing at the mouth. 

Nicknamed ‘Il Mostro’, this TDF has a grocery list of optional extras, and has had as much Matt Verde Militare carbon fibre and 3D Verde Militare Fabric thrown at its interior as possible. Naturally, the super-expensive air-brushed shields also make an appearance, while custom luggage ensures this super grand tourer’s colour scheme isn’t interrupted. Currently showing 905 kilometres on the odometer, its 769 horsepower V12 has barely even woken up, so why not share the Matte Verde Masoni masterpiece with the world?