A Loganville woman reported her Mercedes Benz stolen to the Winder Police on Feb. 13. She told police that she gave her vehicle to D&Nay’s Auto Repair for repairs in April 2023. The arrangement involved meeting an individual with the last name Pierre-Louis in the parking lot at 136 E Midland Ave. She paid $3,000 for the repairs through Zelle to Pierre-Louis’s wife, Naomi.

However, subsequent inquiries revealed that the auto repair shop had been absent for a couple of years, with no knowledge of the owner’s whereabouts. It was mentioned that the business had supposedly moved to West Williams Street, but investigations at that location indicated eviction a year ago. The owner had reportedly removed all vehicles and belongings, leaving without a trace. Owners at the new location said they have no affiliation with D&Nay’s Auto Repair but reported numerous inquiries from people concerned about “shady” activities involving the business.



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