The Recorder – Charlemont boards look to curb Stagecoach Auto Repair violations

Published: 2/3/2023 7:25:25 PM

CHARLEMONT — The Board of Health, Planning Board and Conservation Commission are drafting letters for the Selectboard about various health safety, environmental and permit violations they say are occurring at Stagecoach Auto Repair on Route 8A.

According to Selectboard member William Harker, the boards will submit information pertaining to each of their areas of expertise relating to the property, after which the Selectboard will write one letter to town counsel seeking guidance on how to proceed.

“We are going to bring boards up to par and see where they are going to go from there by using an attorney,” Harker said.

The four boards came together last week to discuss the problems they say are occurring at 180 Route 8A, also known as Heath Road. Stagecoach Auto Repair owner Brian Dupree was not present at the meeting. They will now work separately to determine the different violations as they pertain to each board.

The boards are concerned about approximately 50 unregistered vehicles on Dupree’s property that are close to Mill Brook. Dupree explained in a phone interview that there are even more unregistered vehicles on the property, but the boards are less concerned because those vehicles are not near the river. Dupree received a cease-and-desist letter concerning the unregistered vehicles two years ago, and he said he has been working to remove them.

Dupree said he removed approximately 70 vehicles with help from a part-time worker over the summer, but the process is slow and difficult in the winter. He noted he can’t bring vehicles to the transfer station if they are covered in snow.

“There is a lot of time involved,” Dupree said. “You get something for scrap metal but it barely covers the expense of getting rid of them.”

Dupree has run a business

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Auto repair firm welcomes MP in push for youth job creation

Sara Britcliffe MP visits FMG Repair Services <i>(Image: Google Maps/NQ)</i>

Sara Britcliffe MP visits FMG Repair Services (Image: Google Maps/NQ)

An automotive repairer has welcomed local MP Sara Britcliffe for a tour of its Accrington vehicle repair site to discuss careers for young people.

FMG Repair Services planned a visit with the Conservative Party vice-chair for youth to demonstrate the broad range of interesting career opportunities available at the body shop for young people in the local area.

FMG Repair Services, the UK’s largest owned repair network, with more than 65 sites, provides crash repair for the automotive insurance industry, fleet operators and direct to motorists, employing 1,500 people across the UK.

Hyndburn MP Ms Britcliffe is an advocate for youth aspiration and opportunity in the area and discovered the range of career opportunities available for young people from diverse backgrounds in the world of vehicle technology.

Whilst at the visit, panel technicians, paint technicians, EV repair specialists and apprentices demonstrated the technical knowledge and specialist skill involved in repairing modern vehicles in line with manufacturer approvals and certified quality standards.

Speaking after the visit, she said: “Hyndburn is an attractive place to operate as a business and this is something I am always banging the drum about.

“Visiting FMG Repair Services I saw the skilled work undertaken and was informed about the great opportunities for local people they offer.

“I am a big champion of alternative routes to university and believe we need an economy focussed on skilled work.

“It is clear that this is what FMG Repair Services offers, and it is fantastic to have an expanding employer like this in Hyndburn.”

In addition to bringing employment to the local area, FMG Repair Services has sponsored the local Heys Sports Complex at Oswaldtwistle, the sporting home to 12 local grassroots youth and adult football teams, and a not-for-profit

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Why Companies Go To SCE Auto Repair For Fleet Maintenance and Repair


Published February 1, 2023

Hilton Head Island, SC – SCE Auto Repair, a South Carolina fleet maintenance and repair leader, assures of providing excellent maintenance and repair services, which is why fleet companies choose them.

Businesses rely on fleet management companies for various reasons. Fleet management delivers several services that include Fleet Maintenance and Repair. It includes regular inspections, emergency repairs, and total overhauls. In addition, fleet management systems can improve several critical activities, according to SCE Auto Repair.

Fleet maintenance service enhances vehicle safety. With fleet maintenance service, accidents can be avoided. A fleet maintenance service can identify and resolve any danger. Fleet monitoring equipment can also be installed on the vehicle. Fuel saving is another benefit of fleet management. Vehicles consume less fuel when maintained.

The SCE Auto Repair team also knows how to use contemporary vehicle performance data technology. Thus, they can create the proper preventative maintenance program. Owners can see what needs fixing with this information. They use advanced analytics to gain knowledge and spur progress.

Besides having the best-in-class tools and technologies that help increase the fleet’s efficiency, SCE Auto Repair is also known for its good customer relationship. Their customer service representatives help clients and drivers with fleet-related issues.

The Reliable Fleet Maintenance Partner has been providing auto repair and maintenance services in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC, since 2014. Though they specialize in European and foreign vehicles, SCE Auto Repair’s mechanics can repair all vehicle types, including trucks and fleet vehicles.

Their technicians provide dealership-quality work at much lower rates, from basic repair services to full engine replacements. They also have Automotive Service Excellence or ASE-certified technicians, which speaks about their professionalism and superior skills.

“With SCE Auto Repair, you can be confident that maintenance specialists expertly handle your fleet

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Autoflow partners with Facepay to help boost profits and workflow for auto repair shops

Autoflow partners with Facepay to help boost profits and workflow for auto repair shops

Autoflow partners with Facepay to help boost profits and workflow for auto repair shops

Data shows that our top shops use the Autoflow DVI because the workflow requires less effort from service advisors to accept customer payments due to the latest in instant banking payment options.”

— Dr. Mark Hale, founder of Facepay

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 27, 2023 / — Autoflow announces its partnership with Facepay, the only platform that increases profits by eliminating credit card processing (transaction) fees. Facepay frees shops from being stuck with existing credit card processors and allows them to provide customers with payment options, including contactless, monthly installments, and service subscription plans.

“Data shows that our top shops use the Autoflow DVI because the workflow requires less effort from service advisors to accept customer payments due to the latest in instant banking payment options,” shares Dr. Mark Hale, founder of Facepay. “When deciding where they’ll continue to get their vehicles serviced, today’s tech savvy customers expect a repair shop to be digital at all touch points.”

“Autoflow clients are uniquely equipped to leverage Facepay through automated texting in their workflows. If you want to offer a profitable payment experience, it’s as easy as adding your Facepay link to Autoflow’s text-to-pay link that is sent to customers when it’s time for payment,” explains Craig O’Neill, Autoflow’s vice president of training. “Setting the repair shop client’s expectations early on regarding payment options promotes the adoption of Facepay, making payment effortless for all, as well as preserving shop profits.”

Learn more in the following webinar recently hosted by Mark Hale, featuring guest speaker, Craig O’Neill, as they discussed the simple yet powerful tools that service advisors can use as they communicate

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Adria Motors Promises Unmatched Mercedes Repair and Other Luxury Car Repairs for Owners in Long Island, New York

* Instead of relying on unqualified car mechanics, luxury car owners in Long Island can trust Adria Motors to help maintain and repair their luxury vehicles

In 2022, Adria Motors achieved significant recognition as a luxury car repair company in Long Island, New York. Hundreds of luxury car owners have trooped to Adria Motors to get their cars fixed by the expert engineers at the auto repair company. This year, Adria Motors is committing to providing improved Mercedes repair services for new and old customers including other luxury car brands such as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, and so on.

According to Nick Kiridzic, the CEO of Adria Motors, the company’s engineers have gone through rigorous training to ensure they’re well-equipped to handle any luxury car problems ranging from issues with suspensions, brakes, electronics, fuel, cooling/heating, and much more.

“We understand that luxury car owners have unique needs when it comes to maintaining and repairing their vehicles,” said Nick. That’s why we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and tools specifically designed to work with these high-performance cars. Our team is dedicated to providing the same level of care and attention to detail that these cars deserve.”

A lot of Adria Motors customers have shared about the superior services the company offers. Some of them go thus:

“What an amazing experience! I was tired of the lackluster service at Mercedes Manhattan and was recommended to go to Adria motors for a diagnostic. They informed me I needed a tune-up for my Mercedes S class (please excuse the humble brag). The turnaround was literally 19 hours, check the engine light off, car drives like it’s off the lot. They were very professional, attentive, and most of all, honest. The staff was super friendly and Vanessa went above

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