YOGYAKARTA – The Department of Light Vehicle Engineering is opened in a number of Vocational High Schools (SMK). This department can be a study choice for students who are interested in the engine sector or vehicle system. Every time the registration period for new students, this department always gets quite high interest.

Prospects of career majoring in Light Vehicle Engineering (TKR) are increasingly wide open in line with the development of technology and transportation equipment. Given the high need for TKR technicians, graduates who major are usually easy to find jobs.

TKR is a major that is one of the concentrations in the automotive sector, especially related to light vehicles. This department is indeed presented to produce experts who are competent in developing vehicle technology science, such as cars and motorbikes.

This step is the right choice for those of you who are interested in the automotive sector. Before registering, you should first understand what is majoring in Light Vehicle Engineering and the knowledge learned?

The Department of Light Vehicle Engineering is a concentration of studies that study land transportation tools that use engine components. Students who study in this department will learn how to care and repair vehicle components according to industry standards.

This department is opened to equip students to choose expertise in automotive engineering, especially in light vehicle repair skills. It is hoped that TKR graduates can become experts in the automotive sector for handling vehicles such as cars and motorbikes.

After mastering maintenance skills and repair of vehicle components, TKR graduates can work in a number of industries related to vehicle machinery. Job opportunities majoring in TKR include mechanical cars and other types of vehicles, operators of heavy equipment, modifiers, to opening their own automotive businesses.

Maybe there are still many students who do not know what material is being studied in the Department of Light Vehicle Engineering. To be more confident in choosing this major, here are some of the subjects studied in the TKR department:

The basics of the Automotive Championship are the first steps for students to understand Light Vehicle Engineering. This material includes learning about two-stroke and four-stroke machines, basic electronic principles, basic welding and braking techniques, as well as aspects of Health, Work Safety (K3), and the environment.

Students will be taught about the maintenance of electrical systems, including lighting and signs systems, vehicle security systems, FIRE systems (both conventional and electronic), starter systems, charging systems, air conditioning systems (AC), central door lock systems and alarms, as well as audio systems.

This material includes maintenance of engine components such as cylindrical heads, cylindrical blocks, pistons, lubrication systems, cooling systems, conventional fuel and injection systems, engine management, conventional diesel fuel systems, and common rail technology.

At the end, this material will also include learning about coupling maintenance, manual and automatic transmission, wheel drive axis, as well as wheel and tire maintenance (including the smearing and balancing processes). In addition, these subjects will also discuss manual brake systems, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), as well as steering systems ( manual or power steering).

During the PDTM Automotive Technical Basic Work course, students will be introduced to the basic theory of machines. This learning can then be applied in the practice of using machines. PDTM materials include introductions to technical mechanics, machine components, and other related topics.

In the lessons of Creative Products and Entrepreneurship, students will be taught the concepts of entrepreneurship and the creative product manufacturing process relevant to the automotive industry. These creative products include sophisticated car safety systems, motorcycle tire opening devices, automatic battery chargers, and various other innovations.

Learning about entrepreneurship will also provide provisions for students to develop their own businesses, for example by opening workshops or other automotive-related businesses.

That’s a review of what is majoring in Light Vehicle Engineering found in a number of vocational schools. This department can be an ideal choice for students who are interested in studying and mastering automotive skills. Read also know Electricity Engineering in Vocational High Schools.

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