Listening to a speaker talking about climate change, awareness, and so forth, while COP26 Summit in Glasgow, Scotland is happening, but what made this article a must to get written is that, climate literacy was mentioned by H. E. James Alix Michel, former Seychelles President, and; I think, it is about time to have this one taken as important as financial, and the like, literacy.

When everybody knows about the importance of effects of climate change to us, in all aspects of our lives, we would never do things which could get this matter worse.

I have been integrating environmental awareness since then, like having learners do projects relating to clean up initiative, tree planting, waste segregation, to mention a few. Starting them early about proper ways to protecting the environment is vital to, at least, contribute a little thing to the global effort combating climate change.

Imagine the effects this could make if half of 7.9 billion people plant trees or lessen their meat consumption, etc. to our battle against this global problem. On the other hand, the effects of becoming indifferent to this would definitely speak volume to our quest to reverse the present challenge. Universitas Swasta di Bandung It really takes global collaboration on solving this problem.

However, we really need to either learn, unlearn or relearn things so as to have more chances of winning this battle.


Knowing the situation we are in today could be a springboard toward creating little actions, even in your own little way something can be done. Using organic fertilizer, replacing plastic materials with natural materials like bamboo water canteen, toothbrush, among other environment- friendly materials around.


Indifference and greed must be out of our system so as to pitch in and help in our journey toward reversing the state of our situation and be victorious not going back to normal, but to continue evolving as global citizens who are doing great things toward having sound, sane and safe world.


Behaviors which had been harmful to our planet should be avoided like activities increasing carbon emission in agriculture, manufacturing and the like.

Yes, anything could be done here as little effort as possible like not patronizing products which could be wreaking havoc to our environment. Plenty of commercial products flooding the market and we should be wise enough using those with less harm to th environment.

A simple walk to work can contribute a lot to lessening carbon emission, instead of using your car; eating less meat is also one.

There are little things which you can do in contributing to this initiative. Just look around and get to know where you can fill the gap in your local area about environmental challenges. Either you can initiate a project, support an advocacy, write a poem, story or article tackling and inspiring people to pitch in and help in this global concern.

Education is key here. Let wisdom from you be a shining light for others to do same, and have great rippling effects in making a big difference.

Prince William has been inspiring people and is sharing about the wisdom behind Earshot Prize this very moment am writing this last part of the article. More on this will be tackled later. Cheers!