Motorbike owners must wear motorcycle helmets as protective safety gear. They must do so before driving. They should know the dangers of driving without a helmet and specific proactive measures to avoid accidents or collisions. However, technology continually evolves, and this safety standard of wearing helmets has remained constant for a long time and that is why we are sharing six reasons to wear a motorcycle helmet. 

Riding a bike is a thrilling and enjoyable adventure. However, there are certain risks of head injury or death in case of a severe mishap. A helmet can minimize the likelihood of death by about 40% and lower the cost of healthcare associated with such severe incidents.

Therefore, it is essential to wear one, as it can save you from an unexpected accident. Due to the abundant presence of two-wheelers on the road, the need for helmets has also increased. Furthermore, this article will explain important reasons to wear a motorcycle helmet while driving.

Here are some essential points. The bike owners must keep them in mind.

  • Motorcycle helmets can help lessen the risk of brain or head injury. They can reduce the severity of injuries by about 70%.
  • They can reduce the risk of face or neck injury.
  • In Pakistan, it is essential to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Otherwise, there will be a penalty of RS 2000, which was RS 200 until December 2023.

Reasons For Wearing A Helmet

There are multiple reasons why motorcyclists should prefer wearing a helmet. Some of these are as follows.

Protection Of The Head and Brain

Helmets act as a barrier in case of severe incidents. They can protect the rider’s head and brain from the devastating kind of accidents. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of severe life injuries like skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These are dangers of driving without a helmet. It can affect the rider’s cognition process and overall life.

Comprehensive Facial And Neck Protection

The helmets can save the rider’s cranium bones and facial features. It can assist them to reduce the chances of severe facial and neck injuries.

Improves Visibility

Full-face helmets and most half-faced helmets consist of a visor. The visor helps improve visibility and reduce glare, and it also prevents extra dirt, grime, wind, and rays from irritating the motorcyclist while driving.

Increases Ventilation

Helmets nowadays consist of a ventilated space inside that maintains airflow and temperature inside. This helps motorcyclists maintain their comfort during long journeys and harsh weather conditions. 

Legal Requirements

Bike owners must comply with this legal requirement to wear helmets to avoid any fines or penalties. Additionally, it is a legal obligation to wear helmets; otherwise, motorcyclists have to pay a fine of PKR 2000.

Increases The Rider’s Confidence

Wearing helmets can increase the rider’s confidence and safety. They allow the rider to easily focus on the road while driving, allowing them to enjoy an enjoyable and thrilling riding experience on diversified terrains.

Basic Common Myths About Helmets

Motorcyclists cannot ignore the importance of wearing helmets. Despite that, there are still some common misconceptions about helmets. Some of these are given below.

Helmets Are Uncomfortable

The modern world has brought many innovations and advancements in technology. Automotive accessories are no exception. The false conception about helmets that they seem uncomfortable proves wrong here. However, the latest helmets have advanced visors with a proper ventilation system that helps to maintain the temperature inside the helmet’s interior.

Helmet Don’t Provide Protection

According to the Punjab Bureau of Statistics, 75% of vehicles present on the road are registered motorcycles. Additionally, 41% of motorcycle drivers are not wearing helmets and die in an accident. This myth is evidently inaccurate as helmets help the riders to save themselves from severe brain and head injuries. However, the helmets sometimes don’t provide adequate protection in case of a severe collision. They also help to reduce the risk of face and neck postures. They protect them against dust and wind. These are one of the significant reasons for driving with a helmet.

Rider Don’t Need Helmets For Short Rides

Motorcyclists believe that helmets are required only for long journeys. However, this is different. Accidents can occur at any time, at any place, and at any speed. Wearing a helmet can save you from any unexpected accident or mishap.

Helmets Can Cause Injuries

Motorcyclists believe that not wearing helmets can cause devastating accidents. They, in fact, save us from any fractures and cranial traumatic injuries.  The bike owners consider it one of the most significant reasons to wear a motorcycle helmet in order to avoid themselves from coginitive issues.

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Final Thought

In short, wearing helmets is essential as they can save us from severe accidents and incidents. These mutiple reasons to wear a motorcycle helmet while driving has been explained here. Moreover, we should comply with legal rules and laws to avoid any fines or penalties. We should show a positive attitude towards obligation safety rules and measures for saving ourselves from accidents or collisions. 


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